Alberta PUF Program

Alberta Education provides Program Unit Funding (PUF) to support the educational needs of children with a severe developmental disability or delay. Children who are at least 2 ½ years of age and less than 6 years of age on September 1 are eligible. The funding is used to support children’s participation and learning in early childhood programs.

Children who are younger than age 3 are considered ‘early entry’. It is important parents know the advantages and challenges of starting program unit funding at this age.

There are different models of using PUF funding to support your child with CAS, below is an reference of some of them. You can see the websites for each of them to see more information, and we recommend contacting them to find out if they are a fit for you and your family. Every agency is unique, and have different methods/philosophy for working with children.

School/Center Based PUF programs

Providence –

Refrew –

Early Development Centre- CBE –

Heartland Agency –

New Heights –

BrightPath –

One World Child Devleopment Center (low income families) –

Operators who work in Community Preschools (PUF)

Cause and Effect –

I’m for Kids –

Big Plans for Little Kids –

LEAD Foundation –

Pace kids –